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Why SVKM ?
  • Why SVKM?
  • Why International Education?
  • Comparison with current system
  • Benefits of the New System
Why should my child come to SVKM International?

SVKM International School has made a substantial commitment in terms of infrastructure, human resource and research facilities to ensure that all students are groomed in an environment that fosters excellence.

At SVKM International, our International programmes like “Smart Start for Nursery” and “Unique Primary Programme” for the Primary Years, begin with an understanding that children's vibrant minds develop best when exposed to a highly involving learning process that uses creative, inventive tools and encourages improvisation. Thus making “learning” a fun process for the child and a “stress-free” process for the parents.

The programmes are designed to acknowledge every small step achieved by students in an appropriate manner. It encourages constructive group work with well-defined roles for all group members. Over and above this, the International curricula will follow a specialized assessment procedure that lays emphasis on understanding and application of knowledge, not just on the student's ability to regurgitate information.

Why should I give my child an International education?

As you bring up your children in a fast globalizing India, the need is to give them a foundation that will help them become Global Citizens. Citizens whose success is not defined merely by degrees acquired and percentage points gained but by the intelligent and creative ways in which they are able to apply their learning and manage both professional and personal challenges.

International education focuses on analytical thinking; on understanding facts by questioning them; on exploring, evaluating and most of all Learning to Learn. Almost all International curriculums are designed with a focus on developing the whole brain. SVKM's International curriculum is inspired from Dr. Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences that states - each child possesses not one but eight distinct forms of intelligences.

Teachers ensure that each child gets ample opportunity to work and play in maximum number of corners. Aiming at helping students achieve full spectrum development and become a lifelong learner - habituated to understanding topics in-depth at every stage of life.

Moreover, the curriculum makes it easy for the child to adapt to education systems across the world, if the need arises for him to be moved.

Will this curriculum move my child away from our basic Indian value system?

While we adapt the positives of the International curriculum into our system, SVKM International enriches it by giving students a strong foundation built on Indian values. Values that teach students to respect elders understand and appreciate all religions as well as develop an attitude of sharing and caring. Regular celebration of grandparents' day and a logical understanding of various religious festivals help children maintain a balance between their global knowledge and cultural values.

How is the International school's environment different from a regular school?

Launching an International curriculum that includes IGCSE and IBDP / "A" Level at SVKM brought two like-minded philosophies together to create a unique learning environment that aims at designing and defining a community of global Indians. The environment we create for them here is obviously benchmarked at the best internationally. To that end it is not enough for us at SVKM International to simply meet the pre-set regulations on campus facilities and faculty training, our attempt is to far surpass them.

Of course, the current systems empower the child with sound knowledge; understanding and skills in all required fields, but their rote system of assessments pay larger emphasis on left brain usage. On the other hand, International curricula aim at developing and sharpening higher order thinking skills from an early age by involving all the functional areas of the brain

At what age will my child benefit most from this new system?

Since the system is critically focused at developing higher level thinking skills, it is imperative that children be exposed to this methodology from their formative years itself.

SVKM International's “Smart Start Programme” for the Nursery students has been carefully designed by leading educationalists, to develop motor and exploratory skills in the child in the formative years itself.

To ensure that each child has ample space to discover, question, understand and express at every stage, the seating arrangement in the classrooms have been kept comfortable and mobile. In fact, learning has not been constricted to the four walls of a class room. From taking them on nature walks to designing specifically designated play zones, children inculcate a habit of observing and analyzing in an enjoyable process of learning from nursery itself.

What other advantages does my child get at the SVKM campus?

A small step into the SVKM International school will actually lead you into a large campus of educational institutions at various under-graduate, graduate, post-graduate, professional and doctoral levels.

With a clear focus to equip students with advanced knowledge and latest facilities to enhance their skills in a discipline of choice, SVKM has some of India's premier institutions under its aegis, helping students shape their careers in fields as diverse as Finance, Management, Architecture, Aviation, Engineering, Pharmacy, Law, Entertainment and Media.