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1. Dear teachers n sir,

It was indeed a fantastic, enchanting and thrilling experience.

We were very happy to know the reason behind kids hesitant to miss the school.

Teachers n all faculty made us comfortable and enjoy every bit of the programme. It was well planned n executed.

Thank u for giving us this opportunity to be a child.

This has certainly raised the bars for expectations from school.

All the very best for your future similar endeavours.

Thank you once again.

Kalpana Bhatwadekar, 


2. Respected Principal Sir, Coordinators & Teachers


Firstly, I want to thank and congratulate you and the faculty for organizing the "Back to School" program. 

From being a nursery student giving attendance followed with 

-energetic Shiamak dance session

-Fartados karaoke with learning

-Sport activity mini tennis with coaching which explained basic rules for the game

-refreshing energy drink 

-music session with dance really took us into another world

-delicious lunch with a sweet dish


For arranging whole program on a holiday just for us to have this heavenly experience and re-live the awesome activities that our children enjoy everyday, I would like to heartly appriciate your effort.

All the activities were planned so brilliantly that all the faculties and teachers made this whole experience an interactive and joyful session, where we not only thoroughly enjoyed, but also learned as if we were actually attending school. 

The icing on the cake was the certificate provided at the end of the session that was a really nice thought.

From all the activities, the dance session with Shiamak coaches, was enthralling. Can these dance sessions be arranged for us mothers on regular basis? Would really appreciate if this can be done.

From the overall experience of the program, we are feeling more happy and positive towards the efforts the entire staff is putting towards the learning of our children. Really appreciate all those involved with this.

Thanks and Regards

Manish Joshi

Urvi Joshi


3. Wow what a day, had super fun today.  Back to School was a hit. Till yesterday I was a daughter, wife, daughter-in-law, a mother, but today was a day were we all Mommies were just a kid. A big thank you to the school, to the teachers and all the faculties who conducted our sessions. Thank you for thinking about us. There was no time for worries, responsibility nothing. I think that's what is being a kid. As promised it was fun filled day. The teachers scarified there holiday for us, can't thank them enough.

How we wish to have such sessions more often. Also we mothers wanted to request for the Shiamak Davar class for us, at least once a week.

Aditi Nadkarni


4. Respected SVKM Management,

Few words to express our gratitude towards the  immense hardwork behind our child's future that you have invested.
We just loved the way the activities were organised yesterday.
Robotics-it was a real insight into the physche behind creating thinking genius of the future, absolute essential for logical thinking with the understanding of outcome.
Shaimak davar dance class-the teachers made sure we mothers get to know why our kids are so agile and on third feet! Just super..
Sanjay sir -he made sure that everyone is equally involved and participating in whatever he makes them sing he's an absolute performer and no doubt the kids and mothers sing along
Furtados school of music session -very interactive and interesting way to learn music, beats and rhythm.
Mini Tennis -highly talented coaches impressive workout and sport boosting physical development of our kids.

We mothers were made to revisit and relive our school days by all the home room teachers who are exceptionally talented and cheerful, the reason behind our kids always wanting to go to school with a smile.
Thank you teachers for making each day full of fun and learning for our kids.It feels great to know that they are in such loving and able hands.
We had a blast living one day as a child and definitely realised that being a child is not really a child's play...
In a nutshell svkm management till now has always lived up to our expectations and hoping that they imbibe the same knowledge, understanding and culture which our kids have inculcated from them till now.
A big thank you once again to to the Management, Principal sir, Co-ordinators, Teachers and our very sweet helping didis.  Looking forward to many more such events.
On behalf of all the mothers from A, B and C division. 

Warm regards,


1. Dear Teachers,

Thank you very much for arranging an eventful Father’s Day. It is a herculean task to manage over 100 fathers. The segregation of teams, co-ordination between teachers, relevant games was all though out very well. The arrangements including food were top-notch.

 We are extremely proud to witness the atmosphere in which our child is being nurtured.


Shrenik Ajmera (Father of Pari Ajmera)



2. Dear Teachers,

Father's Day' was a fabulous celebration indeed. All the activities happened were not only well organised but children and fathers enjoyed it thoroughly.

Musical programme represented magnificently by children that reflects a great dedication of teachers.

Just a humble request to encourage children to take part in competition with full enthusiasm irrespective of results.

Really fathers and children spend a rocking day together.

Vigya's father


3. Dear teachers, 

I would like to thank all teachers and staff for organizing such a lovely and fun day for grandparents . Inaaya's grandmother really enjoyed and asked me to thank everyone personally for such a thoughtful event. Grandparents are very special part of kids life and appreciate the school for organizing a day with them . She traveled specially for this event to be with Inaaya and  was proud to attend the same .

Again Big thanks from all of us .


Dipti Malhotra 

Inaaya's Mother


4. Dear Coordinators,

Thankyou for organising the Grandparenrs day and creating such lovely memories.Our teachers hav taken a lot of effort so a special thankyou to Deepal Teacher n Namrata Teacher.
Looking forward to more school events.
Also would like to suggest that it would b very convenient if you start such events at 10 or 11as 8 in the morning becomes a bit early for grandparents.

Sukshema Deogaonkar


5. Dear teachers,

We thoroughly appreciate efforts taken by all of you to involve grandparents in our kids' school activities and making them feel important.

My kids as well as their grandparents enjoyed a lot.

Also to mention that the age appropriate games and activities held and also the gifts given were really remarkable.

Looking forward for many such celebrations.

Bhargavi Ajmera
(Prisha’s Mother)