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Primary Programme

We at SVKM J.V. Parekh International School believe that strong foundations last a whole lifetime! Hence we equip our primary learners to become fundamentally strong in their conceptual understanding, so that this strong base can support them throughout their lives.

We create an environment where the students get transformed into learners- they ‘YEARN TO LEARN’.

We tap into all the areas of intelligence as we understand that each child is unique and has different core strength. Everything, from our methodology of teaching to our style of assessments, caters to the multiple intelligences present in the children, giving them an opportunity to become confident in their expression and communication.

At SVKM J.V. Parekh International School, we believe in the multi- sensory approach, not only while teaching, but also assessing.

We understand that a child in his/her formative years will learn the best if all his/her senses are adequately stimulated and hence our methods rely deeply on this construct.
This in turn enables us to design an assessment programme which moves away from the didactic, and deals with tapping multiple skills of each child, giving each one an opportunity to express individually, work collaboratively and achieve maximum learning while getting assessed. We strive to make global citizens who are adequately given opportunities to develop their skills like research, thinking, social, communication and self management.

During the primary years we follow the Cambridge Primary Programme (CPP). The core curriculum subjects as per the CPP are:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science

In addition to these subjects we offer

  • Hindi/ French
  • Marathi
  • Research Skills Development

At the end of the primary years, the children of Grade V appear for the Primary Checkpoint Examinations where the skills learnt during these years are assessed. These examinations ensure that the transition of the children to the secondary years is smooth, and also acts as a diagnostic tool which clearly points out the curricular strengths and challenges in a child, so that those areas can be worked upon accordingly.

Here we would like to add that the Primary Checkpoint results for SVKM J.V. Parekh International School have been one on the best in India!

Since holistic development of the children is our basic ideology, we have a range of co curricular and extracurricular activities, to support our core curricular subjects. They are as follows:

* Information and Communication Technology          * Robotics

* Physical Education                                               * Chess

* Art & Craft                                                          * Multi Sport Programme

* Music Vocals                                                       * Instrumental by Furtados' School of Music

                                                                            * Dance by Shiamak Davar's Dance Academy