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Physical education
Physical Education
At SVKM we Believe in the Importance of Physical Education because our Programme Helps:


The programme encourages regular exercising to  build muscles, makes the immune system strong and improve upon a child's stamina. This propgramme increases the fitness levels and keeps various diseases and health conditions in check. 


The programme of Physical activities at our institute helps to keep the child active and focused. When a student participates in physical activities, he becomes fit and attractive, which helps to boost his self-esteem.

The programmes are devised to give Life Lessons

By participating in various sports programmes offered at our institute, we aim that a student gets to learn many things about life. A student wins some games and loses some; this makes him understand that winning and losing are a part of life and should be accepted with grace. When a student participates in team games, he learns that co-operating with others is very important if goals are to be achieved. Likewise, sports programme aims to teach many life lessons to students and help them evolve mentally. 

Healthy Eating

During the theoretical physical education classes, a student is taught the importance of healthy eating. He gets to know how harmful some of his favorite foods such as pizzas, burgers, cakes and aerated drinks can be. A student is also made to understand that if he does not make healthy food choices, he can face many health problems in the future. Equipped with this knowledge, many students inculcate healthy eating habits, by giving up high sugar and fast foods and replacing them with healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and nuts. 


Physical education classes lay great emphasis on maintaining hygiene. They teach students how to remain clean and germ-free at all times.

Stress Management

Often times, students, particularly in their adolescent years, face various kinds of pressure and stress.  The extra-curricular activities devise an exercise routine, so that a student can remain stress-free, relaxed and concentrate more on his studies and other important things. 


The programme at SVKM International aims that students who participate in physical activities so that they have high energy levels and are more alert than those who led sedentary lifestyles. Due to these very reasons, the productivity of such students in various spheres of life, including their studies, improves considerably.  The co-curricular activities  contribute  towards making a child grow into a healthy, intelligent, confident and level-headed adult. It can be rightly said that it's not just for individual growth, but for the improvement of the whole society