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Theatre Arts
Theatre Arts by Centre of Performing Arts

The Theatre Arts course aims at an overall development of a child’s personality. The focus is to expand their knowledge both imaginative and experiential, and to identify their strength and weaknesses. The course encourages working in a collective or a group so that children are capable to work spontaneously as a collective from an early age. The course highlights on improvisation exercises and character development, which instigates the acting vocabulary.

Using practical techniques we develop reaction, response, spontaneity and flexibility both logical as well as physical. The module intends to broaden the individual’s knowledge about the self and helps to cultivate a positive worldview. It also aims to enhance skills in working supportively with others in the creation of a character, situation and role. Children are encouraged to compose dialogues to enhance their faculties of reason and logic and are given basic training of voice modulation, and clarity of speech and diction.