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Sakshi Sawant (2009 – 2011 Batch) 
“Having done IGCSE it was a crucial decision for me and my parents to decide on 'what next'. I decided to pursue IBDP in the hope of getting international exposure complemented with some practical knowledge in the modules selected, and I was not disappointed. I think its safe to say that having spent 2 years doing this course has helped me change a lot as a person. The structure of the course kept us occupied and pushed up to achieve our desired grades. DP was never just about the course, those 150 hours of CAS did make us sensitive towards a lot of issues while making sure a perfect balance of creativity and physical activity was maintained during the course.
All the modules that I picked and those internal assessments that I struggled writing were of great help even when I went I did my undergraduate studies in Mumbai at Russell Square with Majors in Economics and for UK for my masters degree.
There were several other options that I weighed before deciding to pursue IBDP based on factors such as course content, duration, practical exposure, financial investment and its future prospects in India as well as in universities abroad. Honestly, IBDP wasn't my first choice but when I came for the orientation at SVKM I was convinced this is the course for me, wanting to put in hard work towards and today after 5 years, if asked to make the same decision I would replicate the exact same thing.”
Simran Masand (2011 – 2013 Batch) 
My time at SVKM was spent broadening my horizons- be it in economic thought or political ideology, as well as fostering some of the best friendships and academic mentorship. Having completed the IB Programme from SVKM in its epochal 5th year, I then went on to pursue a B.Sc. in Actuarial Science from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where I was fortunate enough to interact with some of the brightest minds of academia and the corporate world. Doffing my Convocation hat this summer, I will now roll onto Barclays UK’s Graduate Scheme as a Financial Analyst.
Aashi Aggarwal (2013 – 2015 Batch) 
“I am currently in my second year at University of Toronto pursuing a double major in Molecular Genetics and Human Physiology. In 2013, I opted for IB because it seemed like the correct first step towards an undergraduate degree in North America. For someone who was not active in extra-curricular activities until grade 10, IB and SVKM provided me with a stage full of leadership opportunities, community and voluntary services. Extended essay, TOK, formal presentations, and lab assignments throughout IB and specifically in the sciences introduced me to strong research and writing skills, submitting a concise and effective report, and other imperative skills, which prepared me for academic specific challenges at university. Critical thinking and looking at the world through different perspectives is at the heart of IB’s Learner Profile. Employing these skills throughout subjects in IB allowed me to reflect on experiences, communicate, and achieve an international outlook, which is playing a very important part in my life at university. Most importantly, the rigorous IB Diploma provided me with time management skills and a strong sense of self-motivation, which has proved to be of utmost importance in my university life so far. 
I often find myself saying “I need to re-evaluate how I make life decisions”, however after one year at university, there is one thing I can say for sure, IB was the best life decision I ever made.”
Aditi Kuwar (2013 – 2015 Batch) 
“I decided to enroll in the IBDP at SVKM International School because I felt like it was a program that would aid in my all-round development. Additionally, I could take a combination of Math, Physics, Economics at HL which ensured that I kept multiple avenues open for further education.  
My years in the IBDP really transformed me for the better. The rigorous program with the focus on independent, board-assessed assignments and presentations gave me invaluable confidence and excellent interpersonal communication skills. I learnt to be independent while making the most of the feedback given by teachers. These are essential skills at university where self-motivation is essential for success. Through the IB, I learnt the importance of time-management. Keeping within deadlines in 6 subjects, along with writing a basic research paper (Extended Essay) really helped to take the edge off of research papers and weekly deadlines at university. The CAS component of IBDP exposed me to various leadership and volunteering opportunities. Being a VP for the Alpha Leo Club, and volunteering with Anant Vikas to 'adopt a village' made me realize my social responsibilities while allowing me to give back to my community.”
Malav Dave (2014 – 2016 Batch) 
“Hello! I'm Malav and I was a part of the IB class of 2016. Currently I am studying Human Physiology and Linguistics at Boston University. The IB curriculum does indeed smoothen the transition from school to college greatly and prepares your foundational skills. IB also helps you learn vital time management skills, which help you a lot in college where you have to manage your schedules and activities single handedly. The pattern of IB where the teachers initiate the learning process and you have to assimilate the information further through hands-on assignment is very similar to the University, this was one of the main reasons I chose IB as it gives you a practical and holistic education. All in all, IB is a great experience and really prepares the student well in advance for successfully handling the challenges of an undergraduate program.”
Yogini Kuwar (Parent of Aditi Kuwar, 2013 – 2015 Batch)
“We are really grateful to god for bringing a holistic learning experience for Aditi and Anushka at a very wonderful IB school that is SVKM International School.
I have seen both my daughters transform into confident, intelligent young women ready to take on the world all by themselves because of the nurturing, grooming and love that they got from the teachers here. The teachers are always ready to challenge and guide them throughout the duration of the course.
The activities like CAS and Alpha Leo club have instilled sensitivity towards fellow human beings in them.
The curriculum is designed in such a way that Aditi found the international University pattern totally manageable and thus she was absolutely ready to step into the vastly different university life.
So when it was time to choose a school for our younger daughter Anushka we looked no further as we knew that SVKM IB is the only place where she will be stimulated intellectually with right moral values and discipline!”